Bryan Quaife

Assistant Professor
Florida State University


PhD (2011), Mathematics, Simon Fraser University
Postdoctoral Associate (2011-2015), University of Texas at Austin

DiaMonD Research

Macroscopic properties of fluid flow and transport through porous media

DiaMonD Collaborations

Biros (Texas), de Anna (Lausanne), Juanes (MIT)


Bryan Quaife is an Assistant Professor in Scientific Computing at Florida State University. His research focuses on developing efficient and accurate integral equation methods for solving problems in interfacial dynamics, porous media, eigenvalue problems, and Beltrami operators. He is also an associate at Florida State University’s Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Institute where he is collaborating on an interdisciplinary project between academia, industry, and government for modelling the spread of forest fire.

Impact of DiaMonD

Bryan Quaife was a Research Associate with George Biros at the University of Texas and was partially supported by DiaMonD. His expertise with integral equation methods allowed Quaife to develop high resolution solutions of the Stokes equations in porous media. These numerical results were compared with experimental results from Ruben Juanes’ group at MIT. Then, a new statistical approach for understanding velocity distribution and transport in porous media was developed and tested with numerical simulations. Quaife is still active in this project and it has lead to new research directions and collaborations since joining Florida State University.