Damien Lebrun-Grandie

Research Staff
Oak Ridge National Laboratory


PhD (2014), Nuclear Engineering, Texas A&M University
Postdoc (2014-2016), Oak Ridge National Laboratory

DiaMonD Research

Model Inadequacy and Electrochemical Energy Storage Systems

DiaMonD Collaborations

Moser (UT Austin)


Damien Lebrun-Grandie is a research staff member in the Computational Science and Mathematics division at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. His work revolves around numerical methods and software development for large-scale simulations. As a member of the Computational Engineering and Energy Sciences group, he contributes to various projects, from modeling nuclear reactors to electrochemical energy storage systems, including additive manufacturing. His current research focuses on the development of parallel solution transfer services to enable exascale multiphysics applications.

Impact of DiaMonD

Damien was posdoctoral research associate with Turner at ORNL, partially supported by DiaMonD. His research contribution to the modeling of electrochemical energy storage systems are the result of close collaborations with other members of the DiaMonD project. Collaboration with UT Austin, led to investigating the inadequacy of lower-fidelity equivalent circuit models for predicting the behavior of a supercapacitor double-layer. DiaMonD was a unique opportunity for Damien to interact with world-class scientists and fellow young researchers.