Matthew G. Reuter

Assistant Professor
Stony Brook University


PhD (2011), Chemistry, Northwestern University
Wigner Fellow (2011-13), Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Research Associate (2014), Northwestern University

DiaMonD Research

Computational Nanomaterials

DiaMonD Collaborations

Bobby Sumpter (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)


Matt Reuter is an assistant professor at Stony Brook University. His research interests sit at the intersection of chemical physics, applied mathematics, and computational science. Some projects investigate the chemical dynamics of nanometer-scale systems, whereas others develop mathematical and computational tools for describing such behavior. Regardless, all projects somehow use physical curiosity to develop new mathematical models and/or mathematical methods to explore novel physical behavior.

Impact of DiaMonD

Matt was a Wigner fellow / research associate with Bobby Sumpter at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and was partially supported by DiaMonD. DiaMonD allowed him to develop better mathematical and computational tools for studying the electronic structure of nanomaterials. In particular, he learned about cutting-edge numerical methods and how to apply them to solve real-world, multidisciplinary problems. His subsequent interests involved developing physical meanings and interpretations not only for the computational results, but also for the existence of the mathematical/numerical techniques themselves.