Nan Jiang

Assistant Professor
Missouri University of Science and Technology


PhD (2014), Mathematics, University of Pittsburgh
Postdoctoral Associate Researcher (2015-2016), Florida State University

DiaMonD Research

Fast ensemble-POD methods for simulating fluid flows

DiaMonD Collaborations

Max Gunzburger (FSU), Michael Schneier (FSU)


Nan Jiang is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Missouri University of Science and Technology. Her research is in numerical analysis, computational fluid dynamics and uncertainty quantification. Her current research focuses on the development of efficient ensemble algorithms and their analytical foundation for fast calculation of flow ensembles to quantify uncertainties in predictive simulations of fluid flows.

Impact of DiaMonD

Nan Jiang was a Postdoctoral Associate Researcher with Max Gunzburger at Florida State University and partially supported by DiaMonD. DiaMonD allows her to develop more efficient ensemble algorithms for uncertainty quantification by applying reduced order modeling techniques to further reduce the computational cost. Specifically, the research collaboration with Gunzburger (FSU) and Schneier (FSU) leads to the development of an ensemble-proper orthogonal decomposition method for the Navier-Stokes equations, which allows for the efficient determination of multiple solutions corresponding to many parameter sets. Jiang is still active in this research direction and is continuing active collaborations with Gunzburger and Schneier.